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2018 Diecast Price Change and New Tooling

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darnik44    1,999

There is new pricing for 2018 and new tooling for next year. Also dealers will now be able to offer Elites and there are some changes for the 1:24 standard and special finishes. The biggest change is the trunk will not open and the price will be lower.

Cup ARC Standard and Raced Win: $54.99 

Cup ARC Painted Finish: $59.99

Cup ARC Raw & Color Chrome: $69.99

Cup Elite HOTO Standard and Raced Win: $84.99

Xfinity Standard & Raced Win HO: $44.99 

Xfinity Painted Finish: $54.99

Xfinity Raw & Color Chrome: $64.99

Truck Standard & Raced Win: $44.99

Truck Painted Finish: $49.99

Truck Raw & Color Chrome: $59.99

1:64 Scale: $7.99




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