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  1. Please Please Please

    I am praying that this happens. Would be amazing
  2. Please Please Please

    Thank god. I need to get busy and preorder it. Might do that before I head to Nashville. When does the DEW S A ARC release? I know it is soon
  3. Fantasy Results: Race #25 Darlington

    Congrats @Niki522 and @Tony27. Another last place finish in the books. It's mind boggling how bad I've actually been
  4. As a tribute to Sr this would be bad ass actually
  5. This is Suarezs scheme for this weekend at Bristol. Sharp car IMO
  6. Michael McDowell and Leavine Family Racing will carry sponsorship from the FDNY Foundation at Pocono
  7. @J-Sweezy88 @Christina87
  8. This is the Jamie one when he ran the name over the door. I remember this one
  9. Just letting u know

    110 sounds miserable. We have just had alot of rain. I think today we were in the 70s
  10. Please Please Please

    Has this been DNPed? If not I need to preorder
  11. FANTASY RESULTS: Race #24 Bristol

    My whole season has been garbage. But at least I've been active every race
  12. Darlington Throwbacks Thread

    That's a great looking car. I'd say a top 15 scheme easily maybe even top 10
  13. Darlington Throwbacks Thread

    I really like this. That's a very sharp looking car. Beautiful Cheerios scheme
  14. Darlington Throwbacks Thread

    I kinda like this. It's simple but sharp. I think it's probably gold rims that make this car
  15. Darlington Throwbacks Thread

    Pretty plain but love the color
  16. Darlington Throwbacks Thread

    Brendan Gaughan Kodak
  17. Darlington Throwbacks Thread

    Hasn't this already been done?
  18. Darlington Throwbacks Thread

    Umm ok. Well that's kinda lame IMO
  19. Darlington Throwbacks Thread

    What's this a throwback to
  20. Darlington Throwbacks Thread

    What's this a throwback to
  21. Darlington Throwbacks Thread

    What's this a throwback to
  22. FANTASY RESULTS: Race #24 Bristol

    Congrats @T-Spoon
  23. 2017 Lionel Sneak Previews

    Yeah which makes me think this one May struggle a bit also
  24. Anyone playing DiRT 4?

    That has basically the same cars if I remember right. I will see what I can do to get squared away shortly after launch so we can Get our race on
  25. Darlington Throwbacks Thread

    I agree. I don't like it at all