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  1. Anyone playing DiRT 4?

    Just picked up DiRT 4 the other day and it's one heck of a fun game. I'm not sure there's any better game out there that can teach someone how to drive a loose in in preparation for the next NASCAR game haha. If anyone has it on PS4 and wants to play, my PSN name in Skywalker388. Let's race!!
  2. How about the new Trophy

    Now that I look at it she is right, the carousel doesn't connect right the back straight
  3. 2018 Diecast Price Change and New Tooling

    I still can't believe how spot on when you said this, and it was easily over a year ago! Haha
  4. Anyone playing DiRT 4?

    How is Eldora on that game? I have heard mixed things from a number of people. I still want to get it, the game does look fun and looks to be an improvement from last years game
  5. Anyone playing DiRT 4?

    I loooooove Forza. I bet he play Horizon, that game is a lot of fun
  6. Even though the new mold is hardtop only, I think the new truck molds turned out fantastic. And Larson's Eldora winner sure makes it worth the price IMO
  7. 2017 Lionel Sneak Previews

    Ryan Newman 2017 Grainger Phoenix Win ELITE
  8. The 2017 diecasts are starting to pop up as the new season approaches! Here are some of the first sneak peeks Lionel had to share: Chase Elliott 2017 NAPA 1:24 Jimmie Johnson 2017 Kobalt 1:24
  9. Anyone playing DiRT 4?

    What do you play on there?
  10. Anyone playing DiRT 4?

    This is really tempting... Possibly when I upgrade my PS4 come the holidays....
  11. Please Please Please

    It just got released! I need to buy it myself
  12. What's everyone's thoughts? Two Cup wins encumbered this year. What should the penalty be? http://nascar.nbcsports.com/2017/09/06/denny-hamlins-two-darlington-wins-encumbered-crew-chiefs-fined-suspended-two-races-each/
  13. Please Please Please

    So what other Jr diecasts are you buying this year??
  14. Suarez Bristol Scheme

    It was changed, this was the final product to hit the track
  15. Please Please Please

    Knowing Lionel they are holding back and will crush a lot of hopes with a huge update to the DNP list haha
  16. Please Please Please

    The 1:24 is still online: http://www.lionelracing.com/MICHAEL-MCDOWELL-2017-FDNY-FOUNDATION-124-ARC-DIECAST
  17. Please Please Please

    Just the 1:64 as of now from my understanding, unless the DNP thread on the Lionel forums isn't up to date
  18. By farm, this will be one of the coolest Raced Win diecasts to come out of the 2017 season. Expected to ship late September.
  19. Some people who already made customs of this car used some really cool materials to look like the fake grass. The decal IMO actually doesn't look bad, but having a separate piece would just add so much cool decal having the car displayed
  20. How about the new Trophy

    I was expecting something similar to the Supercross trophy, so I'm glad they did a different spin on the trophy for the Cup series
  21. You just gotta keep throwing it back! Even if some schemes get reused. Gives those schemes another chance to be in victory lane at least haha
  22. Anyone playing DiRT 4?

    There's quite a few more variations though! -More vintage open wheel (F1 and now IndyCar) -IndyCar variations (road course and speedway) -Ford GT Le Man -Ferrari 488 GTE (Ferrari is new to the game in general) -Acura, Lamborghini, Ferrari now in GT3 -Rallycross (which will be AWESOME) So there's a ton of good content coming! I'm most excited for the new car additions to GT3 and Rallycross especially
  23. Anyone playing DiRT 4?

    Would you actually play??? And legit race, not wreck people hahahaha
  24. dale jr elite

    @jrracer just curious, have you gotten any new additions in?? The 600th Start and Patriotic Jr Elites look great!
  25. If Logano's and Hamlin's wins became sought after, there's no doubt that this one will follow the trend