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  1. Hats from Daytona

    I put all my hats in freezer bags and hang them. But if i do wear 1 yes bill has to be curved none of that flat stuff.
  2. Daytona

    I think she is getting used to it.
  3. Hero cards from the weekend

    They will be on the way soon Thank you
  4. dale jr elite

    Nice looking car
  5. Daytona

    Got the hat from BJ & got the clip from 1 of the teams.
  6. Iowa

    Congrats to Ross Chastain & Garrett Smithley on top 10's tonight
  7. Diecast Hunters 2017 Mid-Year Gift Exchange

    Great cars you all i hope to be able to get in on the next 1
  8. Yes very true. Well if the body is decast then i want 1
  9. MIS weekend

    Great pics really like the 2 43's & the 9 Bill
  10. 2013 Austin Dillon Advocare Spark

    My daughter would like that car
  11. 2014 Ryan Newman Kwikset Autographed

    Scratch & dent sale.