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  1. OFF to MIS I go

    Man let's hope not, but you are right with his luck this year lol
  2. OFF to MIS I go

    I did not go this year, Michigan is always a great time!
  3. chase elliott hooters elite

    Thank you JoMo, but again a low bar to clear lol
  4. chase elliott hooters elite

    Thank you for the sentiment there Pup, but when you think about the two choices we had last time, it is a very low bar to clear lol
  5. rcca fan day goodie bag

    Wow, I bet you had a great time Jim. I sure want to go one day. Although, I would have considered it a slap in the face to get a PlanB diecast. I mean who cares about a diecast with a distributor's name on the hood. Maybe one day we will get an opportunity to meet up at one of them.
  6. Joey's encumbered win
  7. Happy Birthday Adam!

    Not lately, but I think of you whenever I grab my ball sack, It goes with me whenever I play a round.
  8. Happy Birthday Adam!

    Happy Birthday old dude!!
  9. Diecasts NOT Being Produced in 2017

    I completely agree Darren. You nailed it!
  10. atlanta

    I did not know that, thanks John
  11. 2017 DNP List

    The McMurray have never sold well. If you are missing any of those Cessna, let me know. I still have NIB from 2013 and I only bought 3 to begin with lol I am surprised with the Kurt as well. Isn't that the scheme he drove to the win Sunday? I would have bought one to go with the raced version.
  12. atlanta

    I agree, but at least they are cars that will attempt to run the whole race. I would rather have 38 or 39 ready to do 500 miles than have 43 where 6 of them only plan on running, like John said, 40 or 50 laps and then quitting. Some of those guys would go to the garage for awhile and if there was a big wreck they would come out and run enough laps to get past the wrecked ones and add more points. Not no more. Go behind the wall and you are done, right?
  13. Raced Win Allmendinger

    This is the coolest Dinger diecast ever made!! Congratulations
  14. 2016 Ryan Blaney VT

    One of my favorite non-Chevys of 2016. Maybe because I lived in Blacksburg in the mid-1980's. Thank you for sharing!
  15. Autographed Suarez

    I want to see it!!!!!!